Skilled Craftsmen in Ceramic Tile and Stone

BRB Ceramic Tile, Marble & Stone Inc. was founded by Bill Lardieri in 1991 to serve the greater New York and New Jersey area with skilled and trained craftsmen in the ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, and stone industry. For us, quality is paramount and we are mission-driven to delivering it with consistency. We are members of GNY and NJ TCA, which further adds to our credibility and competence.

Carrying 18 years of industry experience and over 80 years of being in the field with our employees, we provide materials and services that suit your tastes and befit your requirements. We believe client partnerships need to be long-term hence, invest our time in building meaningful relationships with benevolence. Our clients are Fortune 500 – something we are most proud of.

BRB Ceramic Tile Marble and Stone

Bill Lardieri President and CEO

As a Union tile setter from 1965 to 1991, Bill decided to start BRB Ceramic Tile, Marble & Stone in 1991. Bill has achieved great success throughout the years and has cultivated a company of hardworking and loyal employees under his leadership. Reach him at

Edward J Connors Vice President

Ed joined BRB in March of 2016. 10 years in the Tile and Stone industry and 20 previous years in the General Contractor, Developer and Construction Management field allows him to see all sides of the industry, which helps in the estimation and the management of projects. Reach him at

Giovanni Zolofra Chief Estimator

Giovanni joined BRB in 2017. He spent 24 years as a tile mechanic before becoming an estimator in 2008. Giovanni’s knowledge of products and materials along with the means and methods ensures that BRB keeps up with the highest of industry standards which is extremely important in today’s rapidly changing market. Reach him at

Joyce Benda Office Manager

Prior to joining BRB, Joyce was President of Eastern Builders Inc. Her responsibilities are too long to list, but in short, she is the point person for contracts, certificates of insurance, accounts receivables, and accounts payables. Reach her at